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      GAMES - people played games like chess, (shown in picture) the philosophers game, shovelboard knucklebones, tables, nine mens Morris, hazard, fox and geese, and alquerques. 

     JOUSTING - kings, lords, and other nobles hosted jousting tournaments in

                                                          which knights dueled each other for honor and to entertain the people. 

        JESTER - jesters danced around and played instruments for peoples entertainment

     ARCHERY - sometimes people had archery tournaments in which people shot arrows at targets from long distances and the farthest person from the center was eliminated from the tournament. They did this until only one person remained. That person won the tournament and got a prise (usually cash).

     FEASTS - many people came to feasts which were big fancy meals and had many forms of entertainment. They were mostly held on religious holidays such as Easter or Christmas.

     MUSIC - minstrels played music on all sorts of instruments such as lyres, (shown in picture) mandolins, pan pipes, and recorders.

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