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The day Friday the 13th was considered an unlucky day because 13 was the number of people at the Last Supper and Friday was the day that Jesus died on the cross. 

People cut crosses in Brussels sprouts because they believed that devils were hiding in them. If they ate one, they would become sick.  They believed that saints' souls were in bodies of water. This is why they through coins into them.  When someone sneezed, others around would say, "God bless you." This is because they believed that when you sneeze, a demon enters you. They believed that a horseshoe was lucky because it is made of iron. Iron was thought to ward evil spirits and witches off. People used salt as medicine. If it was ever spilled, they would throw it over their left shoulder to blind the evil spirits that always followed them around.  They believed that kings and queens could heal you from diseases if they touched you. They believed in two types of magic, Black Magic and White magic. Black Magic was associated with the devil and White Magic with herbs and potions.

Most of superstition in the Middle Ages had to do with Christianity. Since they didn't know much about science, people made up reasons for sicknesses.



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