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                                                   Tournaments in the Middle ages     



  • Medieval tournaments were gatherings where two knights at a time competed to be the winner.
  • Knights would fight for a lady or simply for entertainment.
  • Sometimes a knight would die from over exertion. Only rarely would they die from wounds.


                  two knights jousting---------------------------------->



      Look down for a video of a tournament 

Image result for jousting 


  • During a joust two knights mounted on horses would fight with long sticks and shields.
  • Their goal was to knock the other rider off his noble steed. 
  • Jousting was banned from tournaments for a while because it was too easy to cheat.







  • Melee was a style of fighting using hand-held weapon such as swords, shields, bucklers, axes, spears, shovels....anything sharp or pointy.
  • Melee was on foot or mounted on a horse



                         much more deadly than you think ----------->

Image result for medieval tournaments malled by shovel




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