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Material they used for clothing. 




People made their clothing mainly out of wool.

The wool was spun into thread and dyed. 

      People wore linen undergarments. 

Social Classes's Clothing


Peasant Men  Peasant Woman  Peasant Children 

Men's clothing was basic and not decorated.

They wore a short tunic belted the waist over woolen trousers. 

To cover their feet they would wear boots.

 Women would wear straight dresses made out of wool or linen.

Over that they would wear a sleeveless tunic that reached their ankles.

Some women would wear shoes. 

 Children would wear clothing similar to their parent's clothing.

Most children wore cloaks, tunics, woolen socks and leather shoes.  


Working Men  City Folk  Family 

The city folk wore the same styles as peasants. 




Popes  Bishops  Priests 

Popes wore fancy clothing.

They wore an alb with tight sleeves.

A girdle was tied at the waist over the alb.

They also wore papal tiaras and skull caps. 

Bishops wore albs with various ornamental pieces.

They also wore a cincture at their waist. 

Priests wore a tunic that flowed to their feet.

They also used a belt at their waist. 

Alb  Papal Tiara  Skull cap    Cincture


Lords  Dukes  Barons 

Lords wore fancy robes and velvet hats.

There hats depended on their ranking. 

Dukes wore trousers with tunics.

Their clothes were made out of velvet and silk and had bright colors.

Barons wore a black padded long shirt worn under a

fur-trimmed velvet gown.

They also had stockings, shoes, and coats.


Kings  Queens  Princes  Princesses 

King's clothes were luxurious and beautiful. They

wore long under tunics.

Over that they wore a thigh length tunics that were long sleeved and had padded shoulders. 

Queens wore two tunics, a long bottom one and a shorter top one with a belt.

They wore long trailing coats and closed toe shoes.


Princes wore tunics, cloaks, trousers with a belt, and leggings. Princesses wore fancy and puffy gowns made from silk.










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